12 Important Lessons I learned After Losing 101,569 Tweets

Our switch to HTTPS was not a painless one, to say the least. 4 years and 300 blog posts later I decided to purge seo-hacker.com of all its social signals and make the switch - a move that, fortunately, impacted us well. The tradeoff was tough, but fair; we were able to increase our site load speed exponentially, our transfer protocol’s security increased dramatically, and we even experienced an increase in rankings to boot. Find out how I did it in detail here.

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Switching to HTTPS was an important step for our website—a step that may seem like a small thing to some, but ended up costing us our social signals.

In the end, we were right to make the switch. And today, HTTPS is part of Google’s Page Experience Update.

Which means all websites that want to rank and be secure will have to switch to HTTPS.

How rough exactly is the trade-off? What did we gain from the switch?

Download our FREE case study now and learn our 12 important lessons we got after losing more than a hundred thousand tweets after securing our website.

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Learn why we prioritized security over social signals, and what we gained from doing so

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