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Who is SEO Hacker?

SEO Hacker is an SEO services company in the Philippines. We provide only the BEST QUALITY service for SEO and Internet Marketing. Get your Free website SEO audit in 30 seconds with our on-site audit tool today.

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Search Engine Optimization

Focusing more on your Google page rank and your competition with other websites with the same niche or market as yours, our SEO package will take you through all your competitor’s websites in a breeze.

Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing package makes sure that people in Facebook and Twitter get a gist of what your company is about.

Application Development

Having a Facebook app means a lot to retaining your customer and gaining more information about them. It also helps you to market yourself out to their wall – if they allow you permission of course.

Blog Marketing

At SEO Hacker we only give out the best quality articles that are surely going to attract links from target audiences and other bloggers around the world.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our User Experience Optimization Package deals with improving your website month-on month. Innovating designs based on your website’s performance as measured in Google analytics or any other analytics tool you have in place.

Email Marketing

Here at SEO Hacker, we offer only the best practices when it comes to Email Marketing. We ensure that your Emails will not go to the spam folder and we also, in turn, ensure that no spam would be sent to your customers.

Client Testimonials

Grant Burchell

Electrodry is a carpet cleaning company in Australia. They are one of the first large Australian cleaning franchises with over 140 franchisees all over the country. Electrodry is the only professional carpet cleaning company endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice program.

Francis Kong

Francis Kong is arguably the most respected motivational speaker in the Philippines who has an extensive work experience in manufacturing and retail. He founded a popular clothing company and ran a retail chain for many years. Last year, he delivered 336 talks, training sessions, and seminars both here and abroad.

Jayson Lo

Jayson Lo is an entrepreneur by heart. He pioneered companies in various industries including direct selling, manufacturing, trading, and the restaurant business. He has conducted talks for various groups from all walks of life. His vast experience includes speaking engagements for companies, business conferences, sales rallies, schools, and non-profit organizations, as he endeavors to develop their top asset: PEOPLE.

Joy Tanchi-Mendoza

A mother who enjoys homeschooling and teaching her kids, she started to discover about the growing interest in home education in the Philippines. As a once-upon-a-time homeschool kid, a director of a homeschool program, and a homeschooling mother, parents would often come to her with questions like “What is homeschooling?” and she delivers the answers through her blog.

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