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Who is SEO Hacker?

SEO Hacker provides only the BEST QUALITY service for SEO and Internet Marketing. Sean Si and the SEO Hacker team has everything you need in order for you to jump start your business website – from design, layout, content and videos, to Online Reputation Management, SEO, marketing, advertising,copywriting, etc.

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Search Engine Optimization

Focusing more on your Google page rank and your competition with other websites with the same niche or market as yours, our SEO package will take you through all your competitor’s websites in a breeze.

Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing package makes sure that people in Facebook and Twitter get a gist of what your company is about.

Application Development

Having a Facebook app means a lot to retaining your customer and gaining more information about them. It also helps you to market yourself out to their wall – if they allow you permission of course.

Blog Marketing

At SEO Hacker we only give out the best quality articles that are surely going to attract links from target audiences and other bloggers around the world.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our User Experience Optimization Package deals with improving your website month-on month. Innovating designs based on your website’s performance as measured in Google analytics or any other analytics tool you have in place.

Email Marketing

Here at SEO Hacker, we offer only the best practices when it comes to Email Marketing. We ensure that your Emails will not go to the spam folder and we also, in turn, ensure that no spam would be sent to your customers.

Client Testimonials

"Sean Si is one of our most reliable partners (always on time, target oriented and output focused, expert knowledge, creative and trustful) and improved our companies web presence in a very short time. I can recommend his services highly. Furthermore is Sean Si a very professional person with a great and efficient work attitude and excellent social skills. And by the way a good scuba diver."

Karin Timmel

Expedition fleet Marketing Manager

"SEO Hacker has surpassed our expectations. Sean and his team have been responsive to our needs and have been diligent to address our queries in a timely manner. He patiently explained how the process would evolve and he also provided practical solutions to our company's requirements. We are pleased with the results and we are looking forward to more quality business dealings with SEO Hacker."

Mike Gonzales

Roberts AIPMC General Manager

"When Meiji Electric first ventured into the web, as an electrical company, Meiji was looking for an internet marketing company that will help us get results. SEO Hacker has helped us strategize our presence into the web, has made some of our products on top of the list in the search engine and most importantly, we got the results we wanted."

John Fajarda

Meiji Electric Sales Department Manager

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