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Arguably THE BEST SEO SERVICES COMPANY in the Philippines.

We Provide only the BEST QUALITY service for SEO and Internet Marketing. Try our SEO audit tool to see how your website's searchability is doing.
SEO Hacker is the only SEO Company in the Philippines to rank first page for the keyword "SEO Philippines" for 6 straight years because of our white-hat strategies and processes.

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What we offer

SEO consulting

We understand that there are times you have your own SEO team and all you need is guidance with how you should structure your on-site optimization, or how to execute your off-site optimization efforts. You don’t want to spend more money than necessary hiring an SEO company full-time. This is the right package for you.

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SEO Consulting

SEO Services Package

with 5.0 stars (31) Google Review

You have a website and you don’t know the first step to making it rank or you don’t have the time to execute on SEO strategies that you are familiar with – this is the package for you. Our SEO services are completely comprehensive and end-to-end.

This includes:
On-site optimization – Meta data optimization, schema tags optimization, SEO copywriting, strategic internal linking, outbound links control, all the way up to basic site speed optimization, we got you covered.

Off-site optimization – Linkbuilding using strategies like guest posting, broken linkbuilding, link reclamation, creative linkbuilding campaigns, paid directory listing, local search optimization, positive social signals, content marketing, all the way to co-citation – we do it all.

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SEO Services Package

Site Speed Optimization

Every second that your site fails to load is a second of opportunity loss. Facebook is just one click away and it loads extremely fast so you better make sure that your site gives users what they want before they click some other site.

On top of that, site speed is a ranking factor. As to how much it affects your site’s SEO, let’s just say it’s very significant. Our site speed optimization service makes sure that your site loads extremely fast, is a pleasure to browse through, and ranks well with search engines.

Don’t believe it? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Site Speed Optimization if you want to try to do it on your own.

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Site Speed Optimization

Site Security Optimization

There are few things that can hurt your site’s rankings more than security vulnerabilities. Once your site gets compromised and it gets defaced, shut down, DDOS attacked, or injected with malware, your search rankings will go down like a plane with its engines on fire.

With our site security optimization package, we harden your website’s security to the point where it is impenetrable. If that doesn’t sound too convincing, we also have an active clean-up process where we can track and clean any and all form of malware injected in your site.

Our site security optimization package is a very holistic approach to site security to make sure your rankings stay where they are after we have optimized them.

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Site Security Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Let’s just say that you’re able to exhaust all possible traffic you can get from SEO, what then? What comes after perfecting search traffic?

The simple answer is, increase your conversion rates. Your website’s goal is to convert a passing visitor to a qualified lead or customer. Our conversion rate optimization services ensures just that. We study your business, your website, your site’s users and we hypothesize tests and execute them to crank up your site’s conversion rates.

Conversion Rate Optimization also affects SEO in such a way that it increases user activity and lowers bounce rate and pogo-sticking indefinitely. However, it’s important to note that our Conversion Rate Optimization services play perfectly well with our Search Engine Optimization services because of our expertise on both. One service will not damage another – in fact, it will compliment each other in the sense that you get the maximum amount of search traffic and the maximum amount of conversions.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Unified Internet Marketing Strategy

Clients are assisted by awesome search engine optimization strategists -
their single focus to not only make you rank, but to increase your company's revenue.


Francis Kong
Motivational Speaker / Writer

Francis Kong is arguably the most respected motivational speaker in the Philippines who has an extensive work experience in manufacturing and retail. He founded a popular clothing company and ran a retail chain for many years. Last year, he delivered 336 talks, training sessions, and seminars both here and abroad.