Why we Gave Our Conversion Rate Optimization Services Away and How it Landed us $32,000 in Sales

We were faced with an impossible dilemma: one of our clients were getting antsy and needed results on the dot. To compensate, we gave them our Conversion Rate Optimization services for free instead. Doing that brought along its own set of problems – despite our well-crafted website, we were converting at only 0.7%. It was way too low. But 5 steps later, we were able to improve it by a whopping 729%. Take an in-depth look at how we did it here.

CRO Services

We created a beautiful website.

Everything was perfect. We made sure of it. From navigation to contact form, everything was in order.

But the conversion rate of our client was at a depressing 0.7%.

Meaning out of the 6,735 sessions we had, only 49 people subscribed. Absolutely unacceptable for us and our partner.

So, we decided to give them our Conversion Rate Optimization services for free…

And it got us $32,000 in return.

Download our FREE case study now and see how giving away our service made our client so happy that it earned us $32,000.

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Learn the 5 things we did to raise our client's conversions—landing us with $32,000 in sales.

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