Email Sales Automation

Did you know that a simple email can already do wonders for your business? That’s exactly at the heart of email marketing. When you go through the surveys and read the polls, three years from now it will be said that Email marketing will still be the most effective method of making conversions online.

Why? It’s simple. Email marketing has the power to send a single message to a wide audience. While social media does have a staggering 3.6 billion-people reach, it’s nothing compared to email. You’re not just targeting millennials and Gen Zs who spend their time away on the internet — instead, you’re reaching the elderly, the teenagers, and those who aren’t on social media.

Knowing all of these, it’s a no-brainer for companies to have an Email Marketing service for their customers and would-be customers.

Here at SEO Hacker, we offer only the best practices when it comes to Email Marketing in the Philippines. We ensure that your Emails will not go to the spam folder and we also, in turn, ensure that no spam would be sent to your customers. We only deliver quality content with quality, copy-written articles to promote your business offers, products, services, and/or events. We do this to give you a high volume of leads that will lead to paying and loyal customers that will give you great ROI.

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Our Email Marketing In The Philippines includes the following services:

Email Marketing

  • Send-from Setup
  • Current list importation
  • Webform Design and Development
  • Email subscription leads generation strategy and implementation
  • Effective List management
  • Standard Email Copywriting
  • Scheduling and queuing of Emails
  • Open Rate Optimization
  • Click-through Analytics Tracking
  • Click-through Optimization
  • Email Template Optimization
  • Monthly Reports

Price: $3500 - $9,900 / MONTH

Happy Clients

Roch Kirstin

"SEO Hacker has the best team of professionals that can manage your website, blog, and overall brand reputation online."

Rochkirstin Santos

Francis Simisim

"They're truly experts in whitehat SEO! What's great is that they do a risk-free SEO work, with no fear of getting penalized as they go by the rules! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to have SEO work done to their site!"

Francis Simisim

Jayson Lo

"SEO Hacker will bring your company and organization to a whole new level by providing top of the line service. Sean Si is among the best of the best!"

Jayson Lo

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