1. Will there be any certificate provided for the seminar?
  2. Yes, a certificate will be given to each participant in the event.

  3. What are the topics to be discussed in the seminar?
  4. Each speaker will have his own topic prepared regarding SEO, here’s a short preview of what will be discussed by the following speakers:

    “I’m not doing SEO” by Sean Si.

    “A Web Developer’s Journey from Blackhat to Whitehat” by Benj Arriola.

    “From Zero to Hero” by Jason Acidre.

  5. Is there any phone number I can contact and ask regarding this event?
  6. Mobile: 0917 9827419

    Landline: 8474658

    Look for Sandy Dulay

  7. How much will it cost?
  8. Php2500


You can bring your laptop as we’ll be providing

tables and chairs in a classroom set-up

Ticket price includes : Buffet lunch and merienda

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