Digital Consultant

Digital Consultant Video
  • At SEO Hacker, we don’t hard sell products or services. We approach prospective clients who have problems with their websites. As a digital consultant, you should provide them with the answers to their problems and show them that we are the solution.
  • SEO Hacker chooses the companies we want to work with. You must prospect good quality clients that we can pass on to our Account Management team.
  • You approach them and ask them about their website and show how they can improve their website. It’s your job to provide them with these answers and if it becomes a priority for them then they will get you to be their SEO partner.
  • When you talk to clients, you represent EO Hacker. Remember to embody our core values since these are what sets us apart from other companies. The team relies on you to bring home the bacon for the team for us to grow and thrive.

Digital Consultant 101 Quiz

Write down 3 things you learned from the videos and list down your action plans (how you will apply what you learned). (200-250 Words)

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