Web Partnership Officer

Web Partnership Officer Video
  • As a web partnership office, it’s your job to create partnerships with our webmasters out there. These webmasters have blogs or websites that produce content. What you will do is build links that point to our clients.
  • There are two types of links; Do Follow Links and No Follow Links. We want you to create Do Follow links since these pass ranking power, authority, and trust.
  • Remember that we don’t like generic links. We want our links to have great anchor text that leads to our client’s landing pages or blogs.
  • You are our competitive card. In itself, SEO is already competitive. The search results are who we compete with, and at the end of the day, it boils down to links.
  • You have to learn tactics and strategies to improve your arsenal of building links. This includes guest posting, broken link building, link reclamation, and so much more.

Web Partnership Officer 101 Quiz

Write down 3 things you learned from the videos and list down your action plans (how you will apply what you learned). (200-250 Words)

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