Client Rankings Success Manager

Client Rankings Success Manager Video
  • The SEO taught here in the company is always at a holistic standpoint because it tackles the three facets of SEO: technical, copywriting, and marketing. After learning these, you will need to experiment on your own time to internalize all your learnings.
  • Since we are the number one SEO company in the Philippines, you are going to be in demand. This means that people will want to with you, and in turn, our clients will love to work with you.
  • All of this stems from our history at SEO Hacker years ago when I learned SEO in the advent of Google fighting against black hat spam tactics.
  • All our strategies here at SEO Hacker are white-hat, ethical strategies since integrity are one of our core values.
  • In the company, you will be able to work with different teams in-house. This is different from other companies since many of them outsource their teams. Here, your peers are with you at the office. You will have the opportunity to both give and learn.
  • Our team of SEO Specialists is handpicked because of the potential I see in you. You have to have some raw talent in one of the three facets of SEO.
  • You are the master of each client’s strategy. It is your job to not only architect each master plan, but you need to also oversee its execution to rank our clients’ primary keywords on the first page of Google.

Client Rankings Success Manager 101 Quiz

Write down 3 things you learned from the videos and list down your action plans (how you will apply what you learned). (200-250 Words)

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