Lessons Learned from Losing All our Rankings after a Bad Site Revamp

When one of our clients got their site revamped by a third party, their keywords plunged from the literal top down to being not even in the top 100 results. It was devastating – we’d been them for 3 awesome years and we lost every bit of work we’d put in them almost overnight. It took a near miracle, but we managed to bring them back to manageable levels. Want to find out how we did it? Download our e-book and find out!

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Ever ranked a site only for it to completely tank after a site revamp gone wrong?

That’s exactly what happened to us.

We had been working with this partner for 3 years…

Then they decided to rush a site revamp with a 3rd party contractor.

And our rankings went from first page to Not in Top 100.

After 4 months of working hard to regain those rankings, I could say what we did, worked.

Download our FREE case study now and see how we put our partner’s site back on the map after a site revamp gone wrong.

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Learn how to recover your site's rankings after a site revamp gone wrong.

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