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About Sean Si

Sean Si is a highly regarded motivational and leadership speaker in the Philippines. He has given talks, training sessions, and seminars to numerous organizations locally and abroad. His endeavors have led him to be featured in numerous events on the international digital marketing scene. Sean’s talks center on leadership, sales, motivation, and digital marketing — and they are founded on his personal experiences, allowing him to capture the interest of his audience and better impart valuable lessons in each event.

SEO-Hacker’s History

From our humble beginnings in April 2010 — wherein our website was used to document our founder's foray into SEO — to where we are today, SEO Hacker has grown exponentially, by the grace of God (and the efforts of our hardworking in-house team). What started with a gutsy $1,000 contract with scuba diving liveaboard fleet in the Philippines has expanded to more than 20 brands under the care of our internet marketing services. These days, our clientele includes major Philippine-based companies to international companies looking for a higher rank in the search engines — and we have a stellar reputation in helping them achieve that.

About Us

We know our clients put a lot of weight on their branding — and to avoid ever putting that at risk, we strictly follow “white hat” strategies. This allows us to better create SEO strategies and processes that will never go against how Google works. With strict adherence to integrity and our company values, we take great care in every process. From blog writing to building links, we ensure our outputs are highly valuable and done right the first time around. We are the SEO company that goes above and beyond what is expected of us — all to ensure our clients are happy (and placed firmly on the first page of Google!)

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