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Search Engine Marketing

A start-up website has almost no way of ranking in the search engine results page for mid-level competition keywords. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or better known as Pay-per-click (PPC) Services is what new websites need in order for them to rank for their desired keywords in no time. The difference?

Well, the acronym defines it all: Pay-per-click means you have to pay Google per click or per impression (1,000 views). PPC in the Philippines is still a growing field and the competition is still a healthy one in most keywords.

SEO Hacker provides services for PPC and SEM in the Philippines like no other, we make sure that for every click you spend, you get to earn numerous times over.

Keywords Management

Through SEO Hacker’s extensive Toolbox, an essential part of SEM and PPC services is already given to you in the fastest time possible. The overall process of keyword research is enacted through the best tools that an SEO practitioner would ever need. These keywords have been generated based on the best ranking trends that are relevant to your industry.

We assure our clients that the keywords that we find will definitely help them in their rankings, are regularly updated, and we make sure that you will always be visible on the search engines for the top keywords that are related to your brand or company.

  • Keyword Research
  • Studying of Keyword Quality
  • Continually bringing in new keywords
  • Exact match, phrase match and broad match keyword implementation
  • Negative keyword implementation to make more budget room
  • Keywords Management
Keywords Management
Ads Management

Ads Management

Our team of dedicated SEOs and digital marketers make it a point to give you the best possible SEM and PPC services that any person could ever receive. Through thorough research, we create ads that are visible, useful, and effective. Before putting out the ads, we perform exhaustive research to make sure that whatever we create will help our clients. The ads are sure to give anyone a considerable increase in their click-through rates, and we make sure that the ads are affordable through the cost-per-click decrease our services give you. Here’s how we do our advertising:

  • Studying of existing ads / Creation of new ones
  • A/B testing
  • CTR increase
  • CPC decrease
  • Professional and compelling copywritten ad

Budget Management

We make sure that your money does not go to waste. Through our extensive budget plans, we assure you that your money is well-taken care of, and is made to great use.

  • Balance of bids with ad placement
  • Optimal use of PPC Budget
  • Budget Spreading throughout the month
  • Budget Management
Budget Management
Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

When the ads are placed, the process does not actually end there. When users click on the ads, we want them to be converted into paying customers. We integrate proper and effective strategies into your pages in order to increase your conversion rate. Through our research, we determine the most appropriate way to optimize your conversion rate, from studies to Google Analytics, we do it all.

  • Website flow and user-experience study
  • Implementation of CRO techniques in vital landing pages
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Creation of new call-to-action buttons and text


Happy Clients

Roch Kirstin

"SEO Hacker has the best team of professionals that can manage your website, blog, and overall brand reputation online."

Rochkirstin Santos

Francis Simisim

"They're truly experts in whitehat SEO! What's great is that they do a risk-free SEO work, with no fear of getting penalized as they go by the rules! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to have SEO work done to their site!"

Francis Simisim

Jayson Lo

"SEO Hacker will bring your company and organization to a whole new level by providing top of the line service. Sean Si is among the best of the best!"

Jayson Lo

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