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We know that not all of our SEO packages are in-line with what you want to achieve with your digital marketing goals which is why we compiled all our services with their corresponding prices. For you to have the perfect package, we also offer customized services to cater to your digital marketing goals.

Listed below are all the SEO packages that SEO Hacker offers to each and everyone of our clients. We update it every once in a while to keep up with the demands of the digital marketing industry and other companies that offer the same services.

If you have any questions about our prices, please refer to this page.

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SEO Packages pricing

If you have any questions about the price range we used, do note that our prices also rely on the scope of our projects for our clients. Some factors we take into consideration with regards to the scope of our projects are:

  • Number of pages inside the website.
  • The type of website (SaaS, Informational [blog], E-commerce, etc.)
  • The number of keywords we’ll work on and many more.

We pride ourselves in our guarantee to our clients that we only use 100% white hat methods - not black hat, not even gray hat. All of our clients, both current and old, have never been penalized by Google because of our guarantee. SEO Hacker has been ranking in Google internationally and locally for more than 6 years. All of our internet marketing methodologies, processes, and strategies are proven to be competitive and effective - based on the success of all our clientele. If you have questions or want a free site analysis, you can contact us here.

Your company reputation and brand is our priority. That said, we have a comprehensive list of all our SEO packages for you to review. For more information how each package is done, see our page on our SEO services.

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Seo Packages

Our SEO packages include processes that prioritize and improve your search engine visibility so that your website shows up for the most beneficial and crucial keywords. A more consistent increase in traffic and potential customers is a consequential effect of SEO, so you can expect an improvement in these aspects as well. Our SEO efforts also focus on your Google page rank to overtake all your online competitors in the same niche or market. Our SEO package will take you through all your competitor’s websites in a breeze. Interested in our SEO Package? Here’s what it includes:

Site Analysis

The first step to your SEO success is us, gauging your website and determining its pain points, points to improve on, and other shortcomings. This is the first step for all SEO packages since we need to have a baseline on where we should start, and which strategies to use in line with your website’s current capabilities.

Some of the facets we check to get a better understanding of your site are:

  • On-page site factors
  • Number of backlinks
  • Domain Age
  • Site Load Speed
  • Search Engine Friendliness
  • Content Gap Analysis
Site Analysis
Blog Set-up (If client does not have an existing blog)

Blog Set-up (If client does not have an existing blog)

You can never be successful in the search market without providing useful and informative content to the users which is why having a dedicated blog where all your content is kept in is imperative. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have a blog page up since we do that for you - free of charge. We know the importance of content and setting up a blog page is already a part of your SEO package. Do note that there are different methods to set up a blog page but we only use the best one for SEO and ease-of-use.

  • CMS Creation
  • Best SEO coded theme
  • SEO quality plugins
  • Blog domain name research

Keyword Research

After determining your site’s current capabilities, the next step is for our team of Specialists to look for the keywords that will fit your brand perfectly - bringing about the best possible benefits for you and having your website show up for the keywords that your targeted audience use. The process of looking for the best keywords involves a strict and rigorous process using current trends, your online competitors, and your site itself as a benchmark. You are assured that the keywords we choose for you are the best for your brand and you also have a part in it since the final decision is up to you, our client.

  • Business Analysis
  • Website Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Trending Analysis
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis
Keyword Research
On-page Optimization

On-page Optimization

On-page optimization deals with everything on your website that you can change and manipulate. It accounts for around 25% of your website’s SEO. 25% might seem like a small number, but this is the factor that serves as the foundation of the remaining 75% of your site’s SEO. This is why site analysis is an important part of your SEO package since we need to know which pages need further optimization, which of them are already optimized (ranking well), etc.

  • Meta tags optimization
  • Meta OG tags improvements
  • Keyword density analysis and optimization
  • Content analysis and optimization
  • Outbound links analysis and optimization
  • Image SE visibility analysis and optimization
  • Site user-friendliness analysis and optimization
  • Schema Tags Implementation (What are Schema Tags?)

  • AMP Implementation for faster mobile browsing (What is AMP?)

  • Site Speed Improvements*
  • Site Security Improvements*

Quality SEO Copywriting

As mentioned, content is one of the most important factors for Google and other search engines. We don’t just put out random content on your blog page. We make sure that whatever we publish is high-quality, well-researched, informative, and useful for anyone that reads it. Additionally, all of our content is optimized for SEO; we satisfy both the needs of the users and the standards of search engines.

  • 1 Extremely High-quality Article a week
  • Technical copywriting with internal linking
  • Research and development of articles
  • Keyword density management
  • Article promotion and backlinking management
Quality SEO Copywriting
Link Building

Link Building

While working on factors inside your website is important, other important factors can be found outside the website. Which is why our link builders only curate the best, relevant link for your website. Just publishing high-quality content is not enough, we need to promote it in other websites to solidify and prove that your website and brand is an expert in your niche/industry.

  • Quality backlinks
  • Anchor text innovation and management
  • Quality website research
    • Carefully researched authoritative and high-quality websites
    • Exclusive sites with low outbound links
    • Related websites that are not in competition

Guest Posting

Another offsite strategy we make use of is to publish content on other websites and have that body of content contain links to relevant pages in your website since we also want your brand to be promoted in other authoritative, high-quality websites.

  • 100% White-Hat Service
  • We only adopt 100% white-hat natural guest posting approach
  • Quality Assurance
  • Every content piece is crafted with the highest quality standards
  • Hand-picked Blogs
  • We scrutinize each blog before getting a guest post published
  • Only Authoritative Blogs
  • All blogs that we select have Google PR1+, DA 20+
  • Social Media Support
  • Guest posts are published on blogs with great social media following
  • Only Relevant Links
  • We procure links only from relevant blogs in your website’s niche.
  • 100% Real Blogs
  • We never make use of any private blog networks
Guest Posting
Monthly Reports

Monthly Reports

Transparency and honesty is what we want to give to our clients. It is integrated into our SEO packages to provide monthly reports for our clients to give you a better perspective on the current performance of your site with the help of our SEO services. You don’t need to worry about the report being technical or too difficult to understand since we also provide explanations for everything contained in the report.

  • Interpretation of Google Analytics figures and recommendations
  • Content Marketing Strategy Improvement Tips
  • Analysis and research of different competitors
  • Recommend SEO best practices – Title tags, alt images, etc.

Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics is the go-to tool for all your website data and we want you, our client, to understand your site’s performance. We also want to be transparent in the results of our SEO efforts, which is why we give you a detailed and thorough report on your Google Analytics data.

  • Simple and easy to understand Google Analytics graph and results analysis
  • Outlined and detailed explanation
Google Analytics Reports
Paid Directory Listing

Paid Directory Listing*

It’s no surprise that directory websites can help you improve brand awareness for your target market, which is why we also offer this as an additional service on top of your SEO Package.

  • Carefully researched directories
    • Low outbound links
    • High page ranking
    • Related and concentrated topic/ niche
  • Exclusive directories

Items with asterisks(*) are items which are exclusive of the rates of our SEO Packages. Meaning those are services that need some extra budget.

Your Premium SEO Package with SEO Hacker

That’s what it takes to be successful in the search market. Our promise that we only use white-hat, ethical strategies is the one that guarantees your search market success for the longest amount of time. Our SEO Package was curated through our founder’s arduous journey to the top of the SEO industry in the Philippines.

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Your Premium SEO Package with SEO Hacker
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