State of SEO in the Philippines 2022

Gain an in-depth understanding of the search landscape this 2022 through this 77-page data-driven report.


Going digital is inevitable.

As 64% of Pinoys spend more time on social media, more than 50% of Pinoy consumers have turned to online shopping in 2020.

You book an express courier and delivery with a mobile application.

Online streaming services, grocery delivery, online education, online fitness, and e-sports are slowly but surely, steadily growing as well.

Even the taho vendor in your own neighborhood accepts GCash payment.

Speed is of the essence. Every business needs to pivot and start looking for strategies to endure post-pandemic changes in our economy.

But how do you stay ahead? How do you build the ability to identify relevant changes in business for the next “new normal”?

How do you not just survive, but thrive?

Our State of SEO in the Philippines 2022 report aims to guide you in creating sound, proactive steps that focus on innovation and adaptability towards business trends that will become evident in the 2022 post-pandemic.

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