Meet The Team



Chief Executive Officer

Sean is the head-honcho and editor-in-chief of SEO Hacker. He is a Bible-believing born-again Christian blogger in God and You. He is passionate about teaching, speaking, leadership development, personal growth, SEO and God.



Chief Operating Officer

Kevin is a Millenial that doesn’t think like one through the mentorship of Sean. Adaptive and interested in learning about growth and productivity, he likes to learn the lessons via audiobooks. In his past time he does mindfulness meditation and photography.


Project Manager

Christine is a passionate writer who doesn’t have an inspiration to write her own description. She currently edits numerous articles to perfection, soon after, people’s performance and growth.



Project Manager

Precious is a true explorer. She likes travelling to different places.. and to different workstations as well. A friend to all that you can share a laugh or two. With that being said, big chance that you can catch her laughing alone in her station.



Project Manager

Anne is a prolific writer with a knack for spotting errors. When she’s not working, she crafts personal essays and short stories. Other times, her nose is buried in books while Liszt or Chopin resounds in the background.



Digital Marketing Consultant

Charm is the kind of girl who never runs out of stories to tell. Good stories. Stories that don’t get you bored. Oh and she does a swell job with keeping up with whatever needs to get done too.



Digital Marketing Consultant

What he lacks for his mathematical skills he makes it up with humor, energy and communicative personality. Like a rooster he sometimes crows uncontrollably from 1-3pm.



Digital Marketing Consultant

‘Juts’ is the guy in the office who will get acquainted with you even before your first day. If you need someone to talk to – for whatever reasons, he’s the man.



SEO Specialist

Jules is everybody’s buddy. A witty friend that’s sure to make you laugh every time you get to hang out with him. Aside from being a great writer, he can act as a pillow for comfort.



Influence Ambassador

April is the office hen mother. She has a genuine concern for people in the team and will do everything that she can to lift their spirits. Also, a big make-up fan afficionado and Aquaman fan.



Marketing Associate

A history major learning more and more about SEO. Regularly experiments with different SEO tools, along with writing articles. The walking encyclopedia of history, video games, and wrestling.



Senior Graphic Designer

As the office senior graphic designer, Jam creates the designs for rush powerpoint decks, proposals, and whatever graphic requests that needs to be done. When at home, she’s busy with one (or all) of three M’s: being a Mom, Memes, or Make up.



Graphic Designer

Kyra is the company’s feisty artsy baby girl. You’re sure to share laughs about love and life if you’re fortunate enough to hang out with her. When it comes to graphic design, you can trust that she can get the job done. Just make sure to ask nicely.



Blog Management Team Leader

Maigne is the silent yet deadly writer of the team. She might seem unapproachable at first but if you get to know her better, she has a lot of spunk and sass fitting of a queen.



Content Writer

I’m a writer who loves anything under the sun–whether it be about music or just plain sweets. No matter what the job is, I’m definitely down with it and will get it done in a flash!


Link Building Team Leader

Ara is the office shawarma queen. You’ll sometimes see her singing and doing weird movements on her workstation. As bizarre as that may seem, she is the office sweetheart and she can brighten your day with ease. Protests the idea of cheese in shawarma.



Web Development Team Leader

Need something for the website? Jon is the go-to person for that. He will do the improvement whether it calls for a new plugin or innovation, bring it on! Jon is the source of joy for his teammates, there will never be a dull moment.



Web Developer

An aspiring developer who tries a lot of new things. He is the person you can go to when things get tough. Whenever he isn’t coding, he’s playing online games.



Web Developer

Web Developer? Technical SEO Specialist? Musician? Put all those together and he is what you’ll get. A passionate person with a big heart for everything that he loves to do.



Web Designer

When designs get tough, Jam get’s things going. Her passion for designing cool and stylish websites for clients are top-notched.

SEO Hacker

SEO Hacker is the premier SEO services company in the Philippines – and is looking for young, aspiring SEO specialists to join the team!