The Team

  • Sean

    Chief Executive Officer

    Sean Si is the head-honcho and editor-in-chief of SEO Hacker. He is a Bible-believing born-again Christian blogger in God and You. He is passionate about teaching, speaking, leadership development, personal growth, SEO and God.

  • Kevin

    Chief Operating Officer

    Kevin is the one that’s going to be imposing salary deductions to the teammates who are pretending to be korean, chinese and a dog.

  • Benj

    Marketing Associate

    Benj likes video games, scotch and a good time. He's the guy you call when you want the job done - with some jokes to spare.

  • Charm

    Digital Marketing Consultant

    Charm is the kind of girl who never runs out of stories to tell. Good stories. Stories that don't get you bored. Oh and she does a swell job with keeping up with whatever needs to get done too.

  • Nikki

    Blog Management Team Lead

    When not creating or curating online content, Nikki spends her free time reading, writing, or drawing. Sometimes she also likes to laugh at photos of awkwardly-posed marine animals.

  • James

    Link Building Specialist

    What he lacks for his mathematical skills he makes it up with humor, energy and communicative personality. Like a rooster he sometimes crows uncontrollably from 1-3pm.

  • Justin

    Link Building Strategist

    'Juts' is the guy in the office who will get acquainted with you even before your first day. If you need someone to talk to - for whatever reasons, he's the man.

  • Berna

    Social Media Strategist

    Berna is the goddess of dogs. She once got stranded in an island filled with dogs and baptized them in all her glory. Everyone in the office likes her.

  • Ycha

    Social Media Strategist

    Ycha likes playing video games, animals, eating and Memes. She likes having a good laugh, but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

  • Christine

    Blog Manager

    Christine is a passionate writer who doesn’t have an inspiration to write her own description. She currently edits numerous articles to perfection, soon after, people’s performance and growth.

  • Glady

    Web Designer

    Yes that is his name. He pulls artwork out of his ears, puts it in his hands and then transmits it to Photoshop. Everyday. Believe it.

  • Ryan

    Web Designer

    A man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery. A man of few words. The most trusted person in the company, credibility level is above 9000. An ego is never an amigo.

  • Marian

    Web Development Team Lead

    You can often find her spaced out in the office but working her ass off after office hours. A definite night owl. Rise early, eh?

  • Vic

    Web Developer

    An aspiring developer who tries a lot of new things. He is the person you can go to when things get tough. Whenever he isn't coding, he's playing online games.