What is Linkody?

Tired of checking back websites for your links? Then Linkody is the tool for you. Linkody is a powerful backlink tracker that helps you be on top of your link building campaign.

What does Linkody do?

Linkody is simple to use. With a few simple clicks, Linkody will start crawling the web for all your current backlinks. Linkody will then continuously crawl the web every day to check if new websites link to you. Everything is automated! Linkody does the tracking so you can spend more time on building.

New and Lost Links Monitoring

Linkody will monitor any new links that your website gets and stores it. Linkody will then check stored links from time to time to check for any lost links so you could reclaim them.

Email Notification

Get reports straight to your inbox! You have the option to change the frequency of when Linkody reports new links or changes to your current links.

Link Metrics

Linkody provides you with different metrics that allow you to have a more in-depth analysis of your links. It helps you judge better the quality of your backlink profile. Linkody provides metrics from Moz, Majestic, and Alexa.

Competitor Links Monitoring

Be one step ahead of the competition! Linkody can also track your competitors’ links 

Protection from Negative SEO

When you’re at the top, some will try to pull you down. With Linkody’s monitoring, you can protect your website from nasty links and easily disavow them using Linkody’s disavow tool

Linkody Pricing

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