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When Video Marketing has become more than just an option

Five years ago, three former PayPal co-workers Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim started a Flickr-style sharing site for videos. They were expecting this to be big. Five years after, Youtube rose up to become the world’s third most visited website of all time.

As an internet Marketer, you have to know your battleground. Where are you going to market your product in? What websites are going to be effective for your product? What tools do you need to use? What kind of people are you trying to reach? A lot of these questions need an answer with a platform.

As an SEO specialist, I have not limited my skills and client services to SEO only. I also penetrate social networks, blog communities, forums, etc… And now I’m venturing into video marketing – and invite you to do the same. Why?


3 Basic Must-Do Internet Marketing Tips

Must-do internet marketing tips

The internet is a vast, vast marketplace where you have all kinds of people – meaning you have all kinds of buyers, sellers, marketers, specialists, etc. Your business has unlimited potential to grow when it targets the internet as it’s market. I just want to share with you three basic internet marketing tips which should be kept in mind especially by business owners.

If you’re a business owner who owns a website, you’ll probably want to involve yourself in internet marketing. Otherwise, your website is practically useless. There are a lot of things that potential customers are looking for about your business – such as information, graphical representations (in layman’s term: pictures), history, reputation, and the list goes on and on. You have to satisfy the curiosity and doubts of your customer or your business will go nowhere.

So my first must-do internet marketing tip for you is: