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Truly Outrageous SEO Predictions for 2023 and Beyond

The pandemic aside, Google has taken us through a pretty wild ride since 2020 to today and there are tons of predictions of what could happen in 2023 and beyond. Some people talk about AI writing and other ways to make SEO more efficient but here’s what I really think would happen next year and beyond.


Is Google’s New Search Results Update Important to SEO?

Title tags are being forcibly replaced by Google. For sure you have noticed this if you have been paying attention to your website’s search rankings. Here’s what you can do about it now and how you can make it work to your advantage.

This is a follow-up to Google’s core and helpful content update rollout last September. The Google search results update involves:

  • Replacing title tags with site names
  • Favicon’s (website’s logo or icon) expanded size and shape
  • The prominence of search ads’ label to “Sponsored” in bold black text


10 Down to 7: Google Search Results is Shrinking!

Seeing rankings go from NOT IN TOP 100 to the first page of Google is what we live for as SEO specialists. Thank you rank tracking software!

But a few days go by and you noticed that your website’s organic traffic is still low and it got you thinking – “my website is ranking on the first page of Google but, why am I not gaining any clicks and visitors to my website?”

Only to find out that your website is not even on the first page!

WHAT?! (As we all know, no one checks the second page of search results) This is because some search queries on Google will result in showing only 9 or even worse, only 7 search results.

Wait, you didn’t know that?

Yes, this has been happening since April 2012 and you may not be aware of this up to today. Because in the past, it wouldn’t happen so often but now search results pages are using this as the staple. 7 – 9 results are far more common today than ever before.


15MB Only for Googlebot Today

When Google decided to update its official documents in June 2022, SEO practitioners and specialists started worrying about a particular piece of content that’s been added to the Googlebot crawl limit. Stated within Googlebot’s official Google documentation is the following statement:

Googlebot can crawl the first 15MB of an HTML or support text-based file. Any resources referenced in the HTML such as images, videos, CSS, and JavaScript are fetched separately. After the first 15MB of the file, Googlebot stops crawling and only considers the first 15MB of the file for indexing. The file size limit is applied to the uncompressed data…

Source: Googlebot


Google MUM Announcement: Redesigned, Comprehensive Search

Google has certainly been on a roll when it comes to releasing updates, as shown by our past two blog posts. Despite Google being the most popular search engine, there are still shortcomings and areas of improvement. Google knows this, and last Sept. 29, they announced that we will finally be introduced to their new technology, MUM, in the next couple of months.


Google Announcement: E-commerce Best Practices Guide

With brick-and-mortar businesses moving online and new online businesses popping up to survive the pandemic, plenty of people are facing the challenge of becoming relevant and discoverable in search results especially as competition is getting tighter and tighter. Businesses that aren’t discoverable will have trouble connecting and building relationships with their customers, and that in turn will result in low to no conversions and no profit.


Google Ads Announces Update: Advertiser Pages

Google has been in the business in the past decade of making things more transparent for their users. The year 2011 brought users the ability to manage ad preferences and block specific advertisers from the SERPs and email. Fast forward to 2020, they expanded their 2018 identification policy for political advertisers into a full-blown advertiser identity verification program. They created this program to help users know more about the advertisers before taking any further steps to engage with their ads.


Page Experience Update Complete: What you Need to Know

After two months of waiting, Google finally announced that the Page Experience Update rollout is now complete. The gradual rollout started on June 15, 2021, and was supposed to be finished by the end of August 2021 but was delayed for a few days.

The announcement was made on the official Google Search Central Twitter account. Google said that Page Experience is now live for both search and Top Stories mobile carousel. 


Google’s Page Title Update: What We Know So Far

Last week I, along with other SEO professionals, noticed a peculiar change in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Our carefully crafted title tags were being replaced, and not a lot of people were thrilled. The hypothesis is that Google’s Page Title Update was to blame, so let’s talk about what we know so far.


Search Console Insights Now Live for Webmasters and Content Creators

Google is finally releasing a new reporting/insights tool to help content creators and webmasters better understand how their audience interacts with the content they publish and give insights as to which kinds of content works best for them. The new Search Console Insights combines data from both Google Analytics and Google Search Console to provide webmasters and/or content creators the most valuable insights needed to improve their content’s performance.