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Keyword Research for SEO 2023

A 1,000% increase in organic traffic is the dream. It is something you certainly can achieve and this guide will help you nail that by going for the best keywords you can center your SEO campaign on. As one of the cornerstones of an effective SEO strategy, it is essential to implement the right approach in choosing your keywords. Here is every question you need to ask yourself when doing effective keyword research for SEO of 2023.


Rank Tracker Update: Competitor Analysis and More Accurate Data

SEO Powersuite’s Rank Tracker is already known to be one of the most reliable keyword tracking tools. It separates itself from other keyword tracking tools by providing data that others don’t offer. From the usual keyword rank tracking to ranking progressions, SERP analysis, integration of analytics and search console data, and keyword mapping, Rank Tracker is a proven tool that is worthy to be part of your arsenal of SEO tools.

Rank Tracker is not only known for its tracking features, but it also packs a powerful Keyword Research tool that SEOs should consider using. Twenty-three keyword research tools are integrated into it such as Google Ads Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, and Bing Related Search.

Recently, Rank Tracker’s built-in Keyword Research tool got an upgrade making it a better asset for SEOs. They’ve launched major data updates last year like their Backlink Index and Settings Sync. Now, with the recent update they launched, keyword research will be easier, much more detailed, and faster. Here’s a recap of their latest updates.


Using Keyword Stemming to Enhance your Organic Traffic

Keyword research is a fundamental SEO practice that enables us to find the best set of keywords that will allow our websites to grow their organic search traffic. Along with the service of the brand, keywords are also the basis for how content will be formulated, along with how link building and social media campaigns would be managed.CONTINUE READING

A Look into Misspelled Keywords and Typographical Errors in Search

Typographical errors are something that tends to happen on a regular basis, whether it be from a typical post on a blog or social media, and even during search queries. For the lattermost part, Incorrect and misspelled keywords in search is something that tends to happen quite often.


001_targeting long tail keywords

TUTORIAL: Why You Should Target Long-Tail Keywords

Having a long-tail keyword strategy has always been an undertaking that numerous SEOs try to avoid. Most of them think that it is too time-consuming hence a waste of time; it also uses up a lot of their hard-earned money. It’s perfectly understandable because it is known that long-tail keywords have low search volume, and it is not just worth the effort.


Ferzy Keyword Research Tool Review

Keyword Research Made Quick and Simple – Ferzy

Keyword research has always been, and always will be, one of the most integral stages of building a competent SEO campaign.

However, finding the right tool in order to do so can be a challenge of its own. That’s why I’m glad to introduce the newest addition to our ever-growing toolbox: Ferzy.


7 Unique Keyword Research Tools that You Might Not Know About

Google keyword tool used to be a favorite keyword research tool among digital marketers and SEOs. But in recent years, Google has reduced the amount of keyword data available to people in Keyword Planner as well as with Google Analytics.


Importance of Keyword Research in Link Building

The power of keywords in link building is still evident in today’s search marketing. Keywords are often used in different ways and for different activities/phases in the link building process.

With the right discovery of keywords, one will be able to understand the behavior of his target audience, tap into their interests through existing content assets, and finally, convert them either as customers or brand followers.

In this post, I’d like to share the top reasons why keyword research is important in link building. Let’s get started.


Keyword Prominence, Frequency, Proximity Tutorial

Now that we’ve discussed keyword density, it’s time you know the other factors when it comes to keywords in your on-site optimization. Understanding keyword prominence, frequency and proximity can help you leverage the power and placing of your keywords in your website. This is a tutorial for Keyword Prominence, Frequency and Proximity.

Keywords are what makes your site tick. It is the bread and butter that your readers are going to bite and chew. Knowing where to place them, how to use them and how often to insert them in a sentence is important.


How to Know the Best Keywords for your Business

SEO starts with a foundation. It is from the foundation that we get to know where to build, what to build and how to build it. SEO is all about starting on the right foot with the right foundation. That foundation is held by keywords.