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Tactical Ways To Optimize Your SEM Campaign That You Might Have Missed

Ever lost at least $1,000 in an SEM campaign? You probably have but you may not have realized it until today. Here you will learn how much money you’re leaving at the table – unrealized – and what you can do about it.


What is Retargeting Marketing?

Did you know that 97% of your website’s first-time visitors leave (without purchasing!) to never return? I know, that’s a huge number.

The reason for that is they want to get to know you first before purchasing. However, in the process of getting to know you, they could get distracted and end up just leaving to never come back.


AnyTrack Review: Complete Conversion Tracking Platform

Data, data, data. As digital marketers, we can’t have too much data right? We use data to solve problems, create new strategies, and optimize further. Have you ever felt a time where there is so much data lying around that you just can’t use them anymore?

I sure have. That’s why I’ve always been looking for tools that could help us organize data that we gather better and easier. And in my journey in looking for tools, I found


Disapproved Google Ads: What to Do

Running a Google Ads campaign can definitely help your business in improving its presence online. Whether it’s a simple Text Ad or a Display Ad, businesses can do well to promote themselves on Google. However, there are situations that are uncalled-for when running campaigns. Disapproved ads can hinder your plans for your promotions and ultimately take you off track if you don’t know how to handle it.


Google Ads Release Clickbait Policy

No one is innocent from using clickbait copy, even top digital marketers sometimes use sensational anecdotes in their content. This is a problem because if you built your strategy on this lazy technique, then it will bite you in the ass before you know it. That time has come now. Google made an announcement last week in which they introduced a new Clickbait Ads policy which aptly addresses the Misrepresentation sections of their Ad policies.


5 Tips on Optimizing Search Ads for Business

The thing with search engine marketing is that it is a high-risk but high-reward process by itself. If you ask me, organic is still the way to go in terms of marketing since it is perpetual. The foundation of search ads is also built on keyword research and it is vital that you choose money-making keywords for your investment to bear fruit. But what are you going to do if the keywords that you really want are low in volume? Or are you confused why your ads are not showing on the search results page? It’s probably because you haven’t optimized enough.


How to Protect Your Paid Ads with TrafficGuard

Click fraud is one of the most detrimental events that can affect your Google Ad performance. Pay per click marketing is a variety of online advertising that has well-cemented the many digital campaigns we have today. The capacity of online advertising a well-calculated option to help you get closer to your audience is something that businesses flock to in the hopes that it will help them win in their respective niches. Some people think that online ads are just for vanity and display, the numbers don’t lie when it comes to its benefit for the business. Check out the reasons why you should guard the traffic coming into your online ads.


How to Set Up a Goal-Centric PPC Campaign

The digital sphere is now crowded with many marketers, all hoping to be the best in advertising their brand. Starting a pay-per-click campaign is one of the best ways to ensure brand awareness for your business especially if your target market is currently looking for you online. What you must know about successful PPC campaigns is that knowing how to measure its effectiveness


Google SEO Hacker

Playing with the Search Engine: Organic vs Sponsored Results

As an Internet Marketer, one question people frequently ask me is “what is the difference between organic and paid search results?” Trying to get a website ranked without opting for a paid listing is not that hard to do in theory but actually getting a website ranked is challenging – but it isn’t impossible.


How to Make your PPC Campaigns Personal

How can paid advertisements stand out in this crowded digital environment? Today, people want to feel that their interests are heard when they make a purchase. That is why it is necessary for marketers to personalize their PPC campaigns even more. According to an Adobe study, one-third of marketers believe that personalization will be a key in the future of marketing.