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SEO Hacker Roundup: Best SEO Articles 2019

2019 has been a great year for our team here at SEO Hacker. Our team grew further and has reached higher heights this year and there are no signs of slowing down. And thanks to you, our readers, the SEO Hacker blog continues to thrive.


Happy New Year SEO Hackers!

On behalf of the team here at SEO Hacker, we wish all of you a Happy New Year! With 2017 being an important year for the company’s growth, with a lot of development focused on our team and services, we have definitely made it count. These experiences have simply made us a better company with a stronger team that is ready to take on all the challenges.


SEO Summit 2017 Recap

SEO Summit 2017: A Recap

Anticipation was in the air as a steady flood of attendees entered the room at which the Summit was to be held. As the people arrived, it was only a matter of time before the 4th installation of the country’s annual no-nonsense SEO event. When it was time to start, SEO Hacker’s very own Digital Marketing Consultant, Charm Villanueva, gave the opening remarks to officially kick-off the SEO Summit 2017.

The event was held at The Bellevue Hotel Manila last July 1, 2017. A variety of people from different companies came with one purpose in mind – to expand their horizons in SEO, and hopefully, apply it in their own endeavors to make their business grow to new heights.



4 Sexy Reasons Why You Need to Be in the SEO Summit 2017

It is undeniable that search engine optimization, or widely known as SEO is a vital ingredient in today’s business world since it can ultimately unlock your company’s latent potential with regards to visibility, reach, and influence.



SEO Hacker’s Top 10 of 2016


Happy New Year, SEO Hackers! It’s our sixth year and we are still going strong! As an SEO Company here in the Philippines, we are now larger than ever and it is because of YOU that we are where we are right now. I believe that this is the perfect opportunity for us to review what we did last year so I will be listing down some of SEO Hacker’s best and most read posts from the past year. CONTINUE READING

The Must-Have Gmail Optimization Tool – Hiver

If you’re a heavy, everyday user of Gmail (like I am), you know for a fact that there are some things lacking when it comes to following up on emails with clients or with people in your team, or turning emails into tasks. Because let’s face it: Emails are as good as tasks and follow-ups are a pain. Hiver fixed that for me and my team. Here’s how.


SEO Summit 2016 Presentations – Summary of Learning

My palms were sweaty as I felt the adrenaline build on my chest. Heart felt like it was roaring blood. SEO Summit is the annual event that I’m always nervous about. And you see that’s funny because it’s an event by SEO Hacker.


The SEO Hacker Creed: GRIBEE

The reason I came up with GRIBEE is that I believe that the SEO Hacker team needs a guiding light to propel the company to success.

And in order to achieve true success, the teams and individuals working in the company has to have instilled values. Principles that the team lives and breathes as we work together in pushing the company forward.

Just to be clear, GRIBEE is not, in any way final. I believe that values has to be shaped from a company’s past, present and future. And as with all futures, there are things that are unforeseen and uncertain.

So here goes.


Every member of the team, should embody determination, resilience and tenacity. Use mistakes and problems as opportunities to get better –  not reasons to quit.

Respect for Work

This embodies punctuality, a drive that requires no supervision, and the courage to confront indiscipline in yourself and in your teammates – all in one. When you respect your work, you will honor it and do your best to perform excellently.


Know that God is watching everything you do at work. “Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” – Ephesians 6:7 (NLT)

This is counter-intuitive with all the social media stuff about work and passion and leaving your job if you don’t feel good doing it.

However, there is deep wisdom in that verse. When you work for the Lord, you do your best, you keep your character in check and you DO THE RIGHT THING.


Beyond Technology

We know technology is great BUT then there’s the fact that everyone has access to it. Don’t think technology gives you an edge. It doesn’t.

Hard work does.

So go beyond the temptation to be lazy because of technology and work your ass off to be valuable.

Technology is common. Hard work is rare.


Always put yourself in the client’s shoes. Is the article you are about to publish going to be appreciated by the client? Is the design you’ve just let out going to be admired?

Put yourself in your teammate’s shoes – do they appreciate you taking a leave with the heavy workload at hand?

Or put yourself in the management’s shoes – Are you going to appreciate it when the management is not confronted with issues in the team and we talk about it amongst ourselves?

Without empathy, our team will be cold – all brains, no heart.


Innovation may be too a daunting term. You don’t have to ‘create something new’. Learning by experimentation is enough.

Using whatever theoretical lessons you learned and applying it hands on – whether you succeed or not, whether you break your website or not, we appreciate that. And above all, you get to keep what you learned.

For a lifetime.

That’s it so far. Trying to connect the dots of the past, these are the core values that would really be effective for us to work together and to work well.

How we Structured our Internal SEO Team Meetings for Extreme Efficiency

SEO Hacker is scaling up. We constantly are and I’ve learned a lot in the past 2 years about what it really means to be CEO. So for this series, I’ll be discussing more about how to run your SEO team better. Whether you’re an SEO agency owner, a business owner who hired an SEO company to do the work, or a startup SEO guy who may even be outsourcing a lot of the work to other people – this is for you.