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Here are some of the testimonials that SEO Hacker has received from its clients:

“Sean Si is one of our most reliable partners (always on time, target oriented and output focused, expert knowledge, creative and trustful) and improved our companies web presence in a very short time. I can recommend his services highly. Furthermore is Sean Si a very professional person with a great and efficient work attitude and excellent social skills. … and by the way a good scuba diver :-)”

– Karin Timmel
Expeditionfleet Marketing Manager

“SEO Hacker has surpassed our expectations. Sean and his team have been responsive to our needs and have been diligent to address our queries in a timely manner. He patiently explained how the process would evolve and he also provided practical solutions to our company’s requirements. We are pleased with the results and we are looking forward to more quality business dealings with SEO Hacker.”
– Mike Gonzalez
Roberts AIPMC General Manager

“When Meiji Electric first ventured into the web, as an electrical company, Meiji was looking foran internet marketing company that will help us get results.SEO Hacker has helped us strategize our presence into the web, has made some of our products on top of the list in the search engine and most importantly, we got the results we wanted.”
– John Fajarda
Meiji Electric Sales Department Manager

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These are the brand logos of past and current clients of SEO Hacker.

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SEO Cost Pricing

How much does SEO really cost? Moz came up with an infographic back in 2011 to show everyone how much SEO agencies in different areas of the world are charging.

As you can see, the agencies doing comprehensive work are mostly charging around the $1,001 to $5,000 monthly retainer prices. Again, this was back in 2011.

Infographic by: AYTM

Source: SEOMoz


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SEO Philippines

SEO in the Philippines is now a REALLY BOOMING industry. Just two years ago I had no idea about SEO or what it’s about. SEO here in the Philippines wasn’t all that popular then. I don’t know if I’m just more involved in the SEO industry now that I find and meet a lot of other Filipinos who are practicing SEO and servicing clients around the world.


Merry, Merry Christmas to you all!

It’s been our first year around and we surely had a blast with you! As you well know, this website went up just this April and we’ve been rolling and rolling and rolling and hopefully we’ll keep on rolling this coming year.

We have been so privileged in building relationships online and launching our first ever basic SEO course which is still on-going until mid February. To the course enrollees, congratulations on being the first students of SEO Hacker!


Got a Surprise Video from a Reader in NYC!

Woke up earlier today for work and got greeted by a really, really encouraging video from a brother in Christ from halfway around the world! He’s an Organic Search Director from NYC. We had the chance to tweet with each other in Twitter using my @SEO_Hacker Twitter account. His name is Dan Cristo and I was so surprised to have received an email from him telling me he made a video for me and my team. I’m just sooo encouraged and surprised!

Thanks for the video Dan! I really, really appreciate it! You’ve just made my morning – and I haven’t even had breakfast yet!

You can follow him on his Twitter account @dancristo or see this video on Dan’s flutters account

I’ll be sure to let my team watch it and holler back to you in Twitter!