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Why I Don’t Write Much SEO Anymore

It’s almost four years since I started this blog. It’s been fun. Heck, it’s been the ride of a lifetime! And here’s the bittersweet statement that I thought I would never blurt out to you.

“I’m not writing SEO anymore.”

The Best of 2013

SEO Hacker – Best of 2013

Time flies. It’s the end of the year. We are way past the Mayan calendar’s doomsday date and we’re still kickin’. So let’s pour the champagne, lift up our glasses and watch the fireworks greet the new year. Looking back, 2013 has been an awesome year for SEO Hacker. Here’s the rewind on the best of what we’ve written this year:


Setting a Plan on Business Development and Personal Growth

I’ve been learning a TON lately. It’s a whole lot to take in and to start the new year with. I’m completely excited about 2014. It’s the year I’m going to get married and the year that SEO Hacker will hopefully reach its tipping point. Here’s what’s been happening and what’s been inspiring me recently.


What Marvel Comics Taught me about Starting an SEO Company

I know, I know. Geeky, right? Mind you, the fact that you’re reading this connotes that we’re on the same boat. Marvel Comics have been one of my most adored childhood memories. Thanks to the internet and the ever-awesome scanner, I got to read a ton of Marvel comics on my Tablet. And you know what? It taught me a lot about SEO.


How to Start an SEO Business

15 Important Lessons I Learned as an SEO Start-up

It’s almost 2 years since I officially started SEO Hacker. I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever attempted to do in life. It’s also one of the most painful, stressful and frustrating things things that has happened to me. So here’s the short list of what I’ve learned as its first director, CEO and consultant.


The SEO Company Philippines Experiment

If you didn’t know, I posted an entry about the state of SEO Hacker as an SEO company in the Philippines as well as the state of other SEO companies here in the Philippines. It’s a pretty long entry and at the bottom section of the post, I disclaimed that it was also an experiment I was running. Here are the results.


Price Too Expensive for You?

There’s a saying “If you pay peanuts… You get monkeys.”

SEO is not immune to this saying. If you’re willing to shell out only a peanut-sized budget, I won’t be surprised if your site gets a Google penalty.

SEO is a tough job. It involves tackling extensive research, intense study of your company and market, fixing all the little details in your website, creative ways in getting you great links, reaching out to other webmasters in your industry to ask them to share your stuff, and all things that you never would have thought we were doing for you.

So before you tell me the price is too expensive, please do read these compilations of SEO pricing justification on the web.

If the price is too good to be true…

Watch Matt Cutts (Google Spam Team) as he talks about people who offer ‘too good to be true’ SEO packages and how you should react to it.

WARNING: Before arguing that our services are too expensive, read this article about the cost of being cheap with your SEO.

You should also check out this great article about budgeting for SEO services, and the SEO costs comparison infographic from way back. To find about how much Web Marketing and SEO costs  on the web as a STANDARD.

SEO Hacker Review of 2012

So the year is coming to a close. The US have decided that Obama should still be the one making the shots and we’ve survived the Mayan Apocalypse. The SEO Hacker team would like to thank you for helping us grow into a community that helps up-coming SEO specialists learn their way through the slippery road of SEO.


SEO Hacker in MorCon 2012

It’s been a crazy, wacky, fun-filled weekend for the SEO Hacker team. We traveled to Bataan with the rest of the members and other guests in an attempt to learn more about SEO in that conference.


Finally got our SEOmoz Prizes!

If you didn’t know, I tried to enter SEOmoz’s Youtube contest – because I was also doing tests and writing an entry on Youtube SEO. Wasn’t really expecting to win due to the simplicity of my video. I was practically just sitting and talking. To my great surprise, I was chosen as one of the winners (my guess is the SEOmoz team probably didn’t have much to choose from and went ahead to make me one of the winners). Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed making the video with one of our new hustlers in the SEO Hacker team, Khris Torres.