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How HTTPS Affects SEO and Why You Should Make the Move

Dr. Peter J. Meyers of Moz recently published his findings on HTTPS. Almost a year ago, Dr. Pete wrote that 30% of page-1 Google results that they studied were secure in that they were using HTTPS. He went on to reveal that recently this week, that number has peaked to 50%.



5 Pieces of SEO Advice You Should Ignore Immediately

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important feature that enables improved website visibility and recognition online. Without it, you might as well stand on the street and yell at people to check out your website. However, SEO is a strategy that needs to be implemented the right way in order for it to provide the best results.



How to Create a Web Marketing Strategy on a Tight Budget

Whether you’re self-employed or part of a small business, the idea of creating a successful marketing strategy is often halted when you realize the expense that’s involved. Even if you followed the 10% rule, revenue may simply not be enough to justify everything you’ve got in mind. Creating a web marketing strategy on a tight budget can be difficult, but is actually possible.

Let’s take a look at some tips on how.


Top 5 Strategies That Will Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rates

Top 5 Strategies that Will Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rates

Every effort you invest into the design and promotion of your website has to do with the goal of generating more sales. This isn’t a goal you can achieve by manipulations and lies. You need to make your website pleasing to the eye, informative for the customers and optimized for the search engines.

In other words, you need to find the balance between the strategies that put you at the top of Google’s results and the marketing messages that motivate people to turn into customers. Here are some tips to do just that!


Top 10 Tips on Content Writing

Content Writing in 2017 Is Easier Than You Think

Proper content writing is essential in any SEO or marketing efforts. Ultimately, content writing is a big factor on whether or not a visitor of your website will stay or leave. To make sure that your website ranks and visitors stay on your website you have to offer them quality content.

Quality content is often a challenge because you have to put a lot of thought on what your readers would want to read and research on these topics. There’s also the matter of consistency, you need to be able to present your readers with quality content consistently. Additionally, quality content is not the only problem, but also the matter of being able to write a certain number of articles in a specific amount of time. So, being able to efficiently write SEO articles is a must.

Just to put your mind at ease here are some tips on content writing:



AMP Content Links Spread Outside of Search Results

AMP is quickly becoming the platform of choice for many websites. Many distribution apps now link to AMP content and it is optimizing and changing the way people use the internet – and this change is definitely good.


Calling All SEO Copywriters: What’s Stopping You From Creating Great Content?

Over the past few years, I’ve seen the same mistakes made by online copywriters over and over again, particularly SEO content creators. Now, I’m not just talking about the technical side of things either, but the actual voice, topic and entire attitude of the content itself.

We all know that creating engaging content is absolutely essential in the digital world, but so many copywriters actually get in their own way when it comes to their content and that can really put a reader off.


SEO Copywriting for User Experience

When you’re writing a story or an article, you make sure to give your users a great read. You make sure that the story’s great. The grammar is impeccable. The facts are all sorted out. In SEO Copywriting, you take all that and mix it with a great user experience – making sure that User Activity within that page sends a positive signal to Google.


SEO Copywriting: Wordsmith

As a writer, we paint. We make sure that our words create visions in our reader’s minds. We play. We create art. Wordplay is one of a writer’s most important skills. In SEO Copywriting, that is tuned up a bit to Wordsmithing.

What’s the difference?


SEO Copywriting: Art and Science

Writing is one of the things I love doing in life. I discovered this just shortly after I discovered how much I  love singing. When I was a kid, I’d write out stories and short-novels of superheroes and fantasies I’ve always dreamed of being in. Some people say writing is a gift, some say writing is a skill. How different can SEO Copywriting be?